Industry News

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 05 Nov 2019 Spooky Performance

    While Halloween season may have passed, investors could be in for some very spooky performance going forward

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 03 Oct 2019 Surging oil price = Good equity markets

    In Canada, stocks tend to rise in the months after a big oil price jump

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 24 Sep 2019 Let's separate product from advice

    The financial planning industry is coming under increasing scrutiny these days

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 04 Sep 2019 Energy Stocks vs. Oil Prices

    Investing in energy stocks can be a feast-or-famine experience

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 15 Aug 2019 Downside Protection

    With talk of a recession looming in the stock market, this is a good time to review a fundamental consideration of portfolio construction, namely downside protection

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 07 Aug 2019 Beta vs Return

    Diversification by spreading monies across multiple asset classes is the cornerstone of modern investment theory.

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 12 Jul 2019 Cherry-picking

    Cherry-picking is the practice of presenting the results of a study that best supports your argument, instead of reporting all the findings

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 13 Jun 2019 The "softer" side of investing

    Advisors looking for an edge in growing their practice might be interested in developing the "softer" side of investing

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 04 Jun 2019 Daytime is for losers

    Overnight is when the real money is earned; not by trading during the day, but by resting peacefully at night

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 22 May 2019 Burnout or fade away?

    Being a financial advisor is challenging and there are many ways to burnout, especially if you are still in the process of building your support and exit plans