Industry News

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 04 Sep 2019 Energy Stocks vs. Oil Prices

    Investing in energy stocks can be a feast-or-famine experience

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 15 Aug 2019 Downside Protection

    With talk of a recession looming in the stock market, this is a good time to review a fundamental consideration of portfolio construction, namely downside protection

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 07 Aug 2019 Beta vs Return

    Diversification by spreading monies across multiple asset classes is the cornerstone of modern investment theory.

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 24 Jul 2019 Justify your fees

    Fees have become a hot topic with increased transparency and pressure from low cost digital advice platforms

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 12 Jul 2019 Cherry-picking

    Cherry-picking is the practice of presenting the results of a study that best supports your argument, instead of reporting all the findings

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 13 Jun 2019 The "softer" side of investing

    Advisors looking for an edge in growing their practice might be interested in developing the "softer" side of investing

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 04 Jun 2019 Daytime is for losers

    Overnight is when the real money is earned; not by trading during the day, but by resting peacefully at night

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 22 May 2019 Burnout or fade away?

    Being a financial advisor is challenging and there are many ways to burnout, especially if you are still in the process of building your support and exit plans

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 02 May 2019 Ride the rally

    The current Canadian stock market rally has reached 16.9% so far this year and it appears to be in good shape to continue roaring right along. Should we be celebrating?

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 09 Apr 2019 Understanding the costs of ETFs and PTFs

    Most investors know that passive Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are low cost investment vehicles, correct? Well, almost right!