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Wealth Professional | 17 Jul 2015, 09:15 AM Agree 0
While new information from one of the world’s biggest asset managers suggests the bull market is coming to an end, a growing number of Canadian advisors argue otherwise.
  • Peter | 17 Jul 2015, 10:04 AM Agree 0
    These comment and "professional opinions" are nothing but hogwash!
    No one has a crystal ball and no one knows what will happen even next week, never mind next year.
    I am so tired of reading these predictions from the these so-called experts.
    If these people know how the markets will react next week, they would all be millionaires sitting on the beach in front of their villas!
    Face it .... stock market volatility is here to stay forever due to globalization and global events that are beyond our control.
  • Anonymous | 17 Jul 2015, 01:28 PM Agree 0
    Well said, Peter!
  • Howard Kitchen | 17 Jul 2015, 02:32 PM Agree 0
    Yes I agree with Peter, however one fact we do know that over the long term markets/stocks/values will continue to increase. Since I started in this business in the 1980's the markets have gone up six fold. lots of downs but still up. and it will indeed make the longer term investor rich! Until capitalism changes equities is the way to wealth.
  • Robert Roby | 17 Jul 2015, 11:31 PM Agree 0
    Right on Peter. Besides Crisis equals Opportunity. Down markets allows us to increase our clients wealth by buying equities on sale. These fortune tellers are simply trying to fill their own pockets at the expense of the little guy by promoting fear.
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