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Wealth Professional | 22 Oct 2015, 11:37 AM Agree 0
The anticipated report on embedded commissions versus fees is highlighting the role investment choices play in decision-making
  • Jim Zoellner | 23 Oct 2015, 03:25 PM Agree 0
    Daniel Kahneman in "Thinking Fast and Slow" stated wrote "intense focusing on a task can make people effective blind".
    It seems that we already knew what Dr Cummings so carefully pointed out that trailer fees lower investor returns. Is this news? The media has been telling us this forever and never charged us a penny.
    All the attention given to advisor commission is blinding us to the real issues. "Do Investors with Advisors get Better Returns than DIy investors?.
    If advisors bring value to their clients then I think they are worthy of their trailers. Would you not agree?
    We do not seem to get hung up on the fees we pay lawyers or accountants but over react to the small commissions that advisors earn by advising clients.
    Let's do a study on how investors returns with advisors compare to those that DIY investors.
    If the DIYers are doing better then I think we should look at trailers or the advisors.
    Opening my financial mail and reading about fees is gettting as bad as opening yahoo and reading about KIm K and the Jenner family.
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