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Wealth Professional | 22 Jul 2014, 10:28 AM Agree 0
A leading advisor questions the rollout of CRM2.
  • CowTown | 22 Jul 2014, 11:39 AM Agree 0
    I agree, and when I bring it up, people are like, we've known and trusted you for 17 years, why all this now? I dunno, but I suspect there is a core of whiners who didn't listen to their advisers, bought high, sold to buy concrete equities and Mortgage backed crap, got a DSC fee because they changed their strategy from long term to short term, then complained to the regulators/head offices, said they weren't told. Head offices pay a complaint fee to keep 'em happy, the good advisors continue doing what they're told and the bad advisors go sell cell phone plans and hemp investments (remember ginseng?)
  • EJ | 22 Jul 2014, 11:59 AM Agree 0
    I work at an IIROC member firm, and I didn't even know that CRM2 requires firms to show MWRR rather than TWRR. There's so much being thrown at us all at once that it's virtually impossible to know what exactly is encompassed in CRM2. If they can't even effectively communicate it with industry participants, it's no wonder they haven't effectively communicate it with the public. It has been my understanding that the time-weighted rate of return is the preferred industry standard as it is not sensitive to contributions or withdrawals. I have no idea why this standard has been changed to money weighted. It makes no sense to me. Explain it to those of us in the industry first before regulators make this compulsory. And where was the Canadian Securities Institute and the Financial Planners Standards Organization in all this? I am members of these organizations, I pay a higher and higher fee to be a member each year and when critical issues like this arise, I don't recall either of these organizations taking a stand or position on the most fair and proper method of reporting returns.
  • douglas e swanson | 22 Jul 2014, 01:51 PM Agree 0
    Advisors alone communicate to clients. Clients don't have time to read, let alone choose sources to read, study and select funds from the thousands available. Their only hope is a good ,trusted advisor, to guide and protect them from mechanical marketing procures. Also to get answers when questions arise, based on the timely decisions made in the past.
  • JD | 22 Jul 2014, 10:21 PM Agree 0
    All this CRM2 and CASL nonsense is the result of stupid politicians like Harper and Mackay. These people have never had to work for anything in their life so don't seem to understand how much their actions are hurting the vast majority of Canadians. Really looking forward to seeing the PC conservatives get voted out of office in the 2015 election.
  • Angry Advisor | 23 Jul 2014, 11:07 AM Agree 0
    Am I the only one who thinks disclosure of fees is a good thing? I think people deserve to see, in dollars, what they are paying on the advice AND manufacturing I think CRM2 could go a step further. Regulations will be implemented with the effectiveness and grace that only politicians can accomplish, but all in all this is a good thing. Time for investors to see the amounts they are paying and question what they are getting in return. Time for the old-guard of the advisor world to retire.
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