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Wealth Professional | 10 Nov 2015, 01:27 PM Agree 0
An industry icon is the latest to lower expectations for equity returns – inspiring some advisors to use an investment once dismissed as a chronic underperformer
  • Robert Roby | 10 Nov 2015, 03:35 PM Agree 0
    One detail that is missing in this report is the fact that baby boomers, with their huge savings and wealth will be injecting the economies of the Western world with trillions of dollars of spending in the areas of travel, biotech, genomics, medical assisted technology, heath care and housing.

    In addition, the new baby boomers attitude towards retirement has changed from one of decline and dependence to one of opportunity and independence.
    According to Oxford Economics, the Longevity economy is projected to be 52% of US GDP within 16 years representing the worlds third largest economy.
    A Merrill Lynch study found that 71 % of pre-retirees would include some work in their retirement.

    All this to say, that many companies will benefit from this economy and this will translate into greater earnings thus greater profits thus rising stock prices.

    Seniors by virtue of living longer and balancing retirement with work, will actually contribute to the economy more so than in any previous generation. I am bullish of the market.
    One final thought. If the markets average 4% as Mr. Vogel purports, I will take that to the bank, because my retired clients will also be enjoying ongoing dividends as an income supplement, from those investments in companies benefiting from this new economy. Thanks
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