May 26: Volatility shows another side to ETFs

May 26: Volatility shows another side to ETFs
Start Date:
May 26, 2020
End Date:
May 26, 2020

The liquidity and diversification advantages of many ETFs has meant advisors have relied on these products to shield their clients’ portfolios during times of stress. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged this reputation, showing that these products can be as vulnerable as traditional investments. Although ETFs will continue to play a critical role in clients’ portfolios – having the right product to match the needs of the client is key for future performance.

  • Looking beyond the headlines into how ETFs actually performed
  • Identifying value plays in turbulent times
  • Actively managed ETFs – how have they held up in the pandemic?
  • Why ETF’s matter now more than ever for your clients’ financial needs
  • Traditional advantages of ETFs that have not gone away