Wealth Professional 5.10

Wealth Professional 5.10

Wealth Professional 5.10

Trends to Watch in 2018
What’s in store for advisors in the coming year? WPC talked to experts in fixed income, ETFs, alternatives and more to find out

Anatomy of a financial advisor
WPC asked advisors to share the details of their lives to paint a picture of what the profession looks like in 2017

Fossil fuel divestment
Should you help your clients follow the Catholic Church’s stand against fossil fuel investments?

One-on-one with Joe Oliver
The former Finance Minister reveals why he decided to return to Bay Street after his time on Parliament Hill

Making innovation practical
Dr. Amantha Imber, author of The Innovation Formula, presents a ‘no-fluff guide’ to getting you and your team thinking outside the box

Lines of communication
For Sun Life Financial’s Chris Poole, running a successful practice means earning clients’ respect through regular contact

Why slowing down is vital
It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes doing less can actually lead to getting more done