Wealth Professional 5.02

Wealth Professional 5.02

Wealth Professional 5.02 Riding the ETF wave 
The exchange-traded fund is quickly becoming one of the most popular investment vehicles in Canada. Wealth Professional talked to experts across the wealth management industry to get the full picture of ETFs’ past, present and future

Industry icon 
TD Wealth Private Wealth Management senior vice-president Dave Kelly explains why his firm chose to enhance its offerings for high-net-worth clients

Portfolio manager 
Empire Life Investments’ Ian Hardacre shares his strategy for finding diamonds in the rough

Generational divide 
Recent studies highlight a marked contrast between each generation’s approach to managing money

Driving change 
A blueprint for transforming your practice – and making the changes stick

Advisor profile 
Simon Partington reveals how he’s been able to expand his practice in record time

The CRM2 effect
The first year-end statements under CRM2 have gone out – is the industry ready for the potential aftershocks?