Questrade Wealth Management

Questrade pays $2.9 million to settle allegations

Ontario Securities Commission reprimands company for failing to properly address potential conflicts of interest over WisdomTree ETFs transactions

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ETF gold rush shows no signs of slowing down

Activity in the exchange traded fund space hasn’t let up as advisors continue to steer investors into the space in ever-larger numbers

ETF gap spurred entry into Canadian space

When Questrade entered the Canadian exchange traded fund space, they saw an opportunity that wasn’t being fulfilled for Canadian investors.

Newest ETF provider takes the road less traveled

A growing wealth management firm’s move into the product side of the business hit the headlines recently. WP looks at what sets it apart from its ETF peers.

Wealth management, robo-advisors, and the future of investing

Some in the financial services industry believe that a large gap exists between traditional financial advice and do-it-yourself investing. The question is whether this gap – real or perceived – needs to be filled. WP asks Questrade CEO Edward Kholodenko to weigh-in on the subject.