Business Strategy

  • The other side of succession

    Buying a practice can be a frightening prospect for a young advisor, but it can – and should – be done, writes Meagan Balaneski

  • Pump up the jam

    A new study shows music improves your staff’s productivity

  • Why aren’t Canadians using their RRSPs?

    Despite concerns about their lack of retirement savings, most Canadians aren’t contributing to RRSPs

  • The business of mentorship

    The true measure of success isn’t in building your own book, writes Jason Nakhoul, but in helping young advisors learn to build theirs

  • Beating a bad break

    A broken neck turned into a blessing for Dian Chabaan, taking her on a series of twists and turns before she landed in wealth management

  • Formula for success

    A degree in engineering gave Michael Lee-Chin the foundation to develop a wealth creation formula and a framework that made him one of the most successful businessmen in Canada

  • How Gen Y is changing the way we lead

    Gabrielle Dolan provides tips for leading what will soon become the dominant generation in the workforce – and busts some myths in the process

  • Feedback is broken

    Providing feedback is vital to improving performance, yet many people receive it – and deliver it – poorly. Georgia Murch explains how to create a culture of feedback that is beneficial to the employee and the company as a whole

  • Boom in niche ETFs

    An ETF strategist weighs in about the pros and cons of nontraditional ETFs

  • Understanding personality and its role in performance

    When it comes to performance – a topic that is constantly on the agenda of most modern businesses – there are a number of different approaches, explains behavioural strategist Warren Kennaugh