Business strategy

  • The diplomatic leader: How to agree to disagree

    There’s a myth that disagreements are to be avoided at all costs. As business consultant Alexandra Tselios explains, if you avoid them entirely, you may never achieve truly effective business outcomes

  • Brand new

    Looking to grow your brand? Turn on your computer. Andrea Cornish investigates the world of fan pages, followers and likes

  • Why monotasking is the new black

    Forget multitasking – we need to narrow our focus to become more efficient and stay mentally fit, according to brain expert Dr. Jenny Brockis

  • Great teamwork makes anything possible

    How can you build a dream staff within your brokerage that can smash your goals? Graham Winter offers his advice

  • Declaration of independence

    After three years at the helm of HollisWealth, Tuula Jalasaa has positioned the firm well for the future and given advisors an independence that is the envy of the industry

  • Canadian advisors still bullish on equities

    A recent survey revealed some surprising insights related to US equities and crude oil

  • Staffing for the long haul

    Recruitment isn’t about finding the right people. It’s about keeping them

  • Embedded compensation gets a lifeline

    The UK has admitted it’s looking at reintroducing commissions – will this be the last nail in the coffin for Canadian regulators considering a ban?

  • Healthy body plus healthy mind equals healthy career

    Our bodies are finely tuned machines, yet we tend to drive them into the ground, ignore warning signs, and generally treat them poorly. What if you could tap into a whole workforce of finely tuned, healthy and active employees? Christopher Paterson reports

  • Hedge funds beat equities and bonds

    While the markets suffered, hedge funds offered advisors solace by ending the year on a high note