Karl Cheong news

  • Talking about my generation

    According to Karl Cheong of First Trust, the investment community can’t afford to ignore millennials, considering the major generational transfer of wealth that’s in the cards

  • Is there an excess of ETFs on the TSX?

    As the number of ETF listings on the exchange keeps increasing, an expert weighs in on the problems and opportunities it presents

  • Top 10 ETF trends in 2015

    WP reached out to three ETF heavyweights to get their thoughts on the year ahead in the highly competitive space. Here’s what we learned.

  • First Trust amps up its U.S. ETF coverage

    With the flick of a switch October 30, First Trust Canada introduced 9 U.S. sector funds listed on the TSX. Big deal? Media noise? What’s this really mean for Canadian ETF investors?