The Frontline

  • ​The Client's Take: Bryan Kelly, proprietor, White Top investor

    Bryan Kelly learned the hard way how to invest properly. The experienced and sophisticated player talks with Jeff Sanford about the pros and cons of the modern investment advisory industry

  • ​Day in the life of...Marta Stiteler

    Day in the life of Marta Stiteler, owner of Pillar Retirement Group, Worldsource Financial Management Inc., in Hamilton, Ont.

  • ​Life, Liberty...and Less Tax

    Many of Canada’s über-rich have used insurance to reduce the tax exposure on investment income. Chris Karram of Safebridge Financial Group, offers a way to sell other clients on that essential

  • ​I like Being Disruptive

    In September, Richardson GMP became the largest independent wealth manager in Canada with the $132-million purchase of Macquarie Canada’s retail business. CEO Andrew Marsh tells Wealth Professional’s Christopher Myrick what prompted the deal and the big changes he sees for Canadian advisors

  • 5 minutes with... Victor Lamba, Investors Group

    This Investors Group financial planner and Whitby, Ont., native shares the best advice he's ever been given and why the first two years in business are so often make or break for an advisor.

  • Wondering how to stage a successful succession?

    Succession plans are rare in the advisory segment; so finding a successful case study can be a challenge. One advisor explains how he designed a process that gives him more free time and doesn't leave clients in the lurch.

  • Capturing the diversity demographic

    Like it or not, the wealth management teams at the Big Five have successful tapped Canada's well-heeled gay community. That makes more than good business sense, explains TD advisor and branch manager Heather Richardson.

  • Should advisors have financial advisors?

    Clients may assume that advisors manage their own investments. But is it better to have an outside view to avoid tunnel vision?

  • Advisor laments the cost of keeping up appearances

    Advisors want to project success, but are the accoutrements worth the investment? One advisor talks about restraining personal spending and what really impresses clients (hint: it's not an expensive car).

  • Building a fee-based independent practice

    Having an independent practice is an aspiration for many advisors, and fee-based services have appeal for many investors. But combining the two with a fee-based independent practice isn't easy. Wealth Professional talks with Thomas Venner, an advisor building a fee-based practice in Southern Ontario.