Regulation creating a bullet-proof investor, says advisor

Regulation creating a bullet-proof investor, says advisor

  • Jaye Walter 2014-02-26 11:47:12 AM
    I think that it has become evident that we need to streamline the regulatory process and costs. Otherwise, we have redundancies and duplication of effort which may or may not actually benefit clients at all levels. To paraphrase the Mr. Scott from Star Trek 3, " the more you add to the plumbing, the easier it is to mess it up.."
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  • Neil Hughes 2014-02-26 11:57:34 AM
    It seems to me that regulators work hardest to justify their positions and any benefit to retail clients is incidental. We have so many levels of regulation that advisors spend too much time jumping through hoops and filling out forms to satisfy some obscure regulatory game with no measurable benefit to clients, and not enough time working directly for their clients.
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  • Bob White, CLU 2014-02-26 6:23:36 PM
    I agree with the comments on the extra fees that are getting passed on to clients and advisor's alike, and the down loading od a tremendous amount of admin, which either paralyzes a practices to the point of being unable to do the proper planning job for the clients, or hiring more support staff and minimizing the return on time and knowledge and expenses of the advisor.

    Yet, regulators get paid very well, check out the pensions they get vs, the clients, the advisor's, so it is very self serving.

    It is starting to look and feel like the Income Tax act. A big machine that protects us from ourselves.

    Spend some money educating the public not to make stupid mistakes and that they should not buy anything unless they know what they
    know what it is they are doing, and then let social services look after their retirement plans.


    Bob White
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