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  • Beware home ice advantage, urge advisors

    The now-rock bottom value of the loonie has advisors cautioning clients against this quite-understandable phenomenon -- despite the fact that it may now be paying off.

  • Major player offers mea culpa

    New York’s move to put the kibosh on the advanced surveying of Wall Street analysts is expected to end similar reporting here in Canada as asset managers voluntarily rein in on efforts to win information ahead of competitors.

  • Advisor to Mortgage Broker: A Mainstream Move?

    Mounting regulation and tightening margins across the globe has seen a growing number of financial planners try their hand at brokering.

  • FSCO scrambles amid arbitration file influx

    For the increasing number of advisors selling insurance as an investment vehicle, the provincial regulatory agency will conduct another procurement for arbitration services to handle the high volume of new and existing files.

  • Is your client hiding a stash of cash?

    New research indicates that married and common-law couples have bank accounts that their partners don't know about. Are they hiding the same financial information from you, their advisor?

  • KYC top of mind for CSA

    A notice released by the CSA outlines the obligations portfolio managers and EMDs have when getting to know their clients and the products they are selling them.

  • IIROC clamps down on the Canadian debt market

    Regulator set to implement stricter reporting requirements on dealers selling Canadian debt securities, meanwhile data indicates these products were selling like hot cakes in 2013.

  • LinkedIn, no threat to advisor recruiters?

    Professional networking sites help third-party recruiters get their job done, but don't replace the expertise required to find the right candidate for the job, argues one Toronto recruiter.

  • Top Toronto investment firm leader receives Order of Canada

    The Order of Canada is given to Canadians recognized for their contributions, under the motto "they desire a better country."

  • Inheritance, what's that? Don't ask young Canadians

    Facing a tough job market and lack of employment, younger generations are feeling down on their financial luck, but they are optimistic things will improve, new research indicates.