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  • Next to line your book?

    Don't be fooled. Gen Y knows a lot more than you may think about financial planning. So much more, that you, the advisor, may want to rethink your approach to servicing them.

  • HFT on IIROC's radar

    The regulator heads into its final stage of a study analyzing the impact of high-frequency trading and whether further regulation needs to be implemented.

  • Five minutes with…Ken MacCoy, Ritepartner Financial Services

    This financial advisor reveals to WP everything from why he chose a career in financial planning and what's plaguing the industry to his favourite sport and who he'd choose to hang out with if he could pick anyone in the world.

  • "Clients see through insincerity"

    New recruits, take heed ... building your book takes a lot more than a smile, handshake and watching the dollars roll in.

  • Canada's middle-class income soars: Report

    An income report, released by the New York Times, reveals that Canada now has one of the richest middle-class groups in the world, on par with Britain and outpacing the United States.

  • The taming of the client

    Advisors tell WP their thoughts on how to handle the emotionally-driven client drawn towards irrational decisions that could lead to irreversible investment losses.

  • Lessons from an MLB player?

    Thinking of opening up your book to pro-athletes? This rookie 'baseballer' has lots to say when it comes to financial planning. So much so, you, the advisors, may even be impressed.

  • International Wrap: News in Brief

    WP brings you the latest headlines from around the world.

  • Time IS money, says leading industry association

    Advisors are falling short when it comes to time management, losing out on key book-building and revenue-generating opportunities.

  • Falling loonie isn't fazing independent advisors: Survey

    Small businesses - particularly those in the finance sector - are feeling unscathed by the fluctuating loonie, according to a new national survey.