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  • Are you earning more than your company pays in taxes?

    Seven CEOs in the U.S. do. A new report finds almost a quarter of the 30 largest corporations south of the border paid their chief executives more in 2013 than they paid in federal taxes.

  • Early results for our latest poll are in

    Yesterday, WP put up a new poll on its website entitled The greatest Canadian investor of all time is...? Early results suggest Prem Watsa and Stephen Jarislowsky are the front runners.

  • Lessons learned from former Portus co-founder

    A once-fallen industry veteran warns about the consequences that accrue when managers put their own interest ahead of the client.

  • The greatest Canadian investor of all time is...?

    Years ago a book entitled Money Masters was published that examined some of the best investors the United States has ever known. Nothing of its kind has ever made its way onto Canadian bookshelves.

  • Montreal NHLers need Harper tax relief

    At least that’s the opinion of the Canadian Tax Federation whose study suggests Montreal is the least financially attractive city for NHL players when it comes to personal income taxes.

  • Most read: ETFs vs. F-Class: there’s no comparison

    Mutual fund companies argue that F-class shares are a reasonable alternative to ETFs. A closer look casts some doubt.

  • Testamentary trusts taxed to the max

    The proposed changes in the 2014 federal budget will greatly affect who and how these trusts are used in the future.

  • The Friday Briefs

    The U.S. economy continues to grow; deep shifts in market dynamic; what’s going on down under; is the shale bubble bursting?

  • BMO adds to its lineup

    The bank’s asset management arm’s been busy this week introducing four new ETFs and five new mutual funds. Meant to fill customer needs, WP went to the source to find out more.

  • Financial advisors: how best to keep hold of emotions

    A recent report from the Bank of Montreal suggests most Canadians can’t keep their emotions in check when it comes to investing. Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management advisor Kim Inglis has some suggestions how to combat these demons.