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  • ORPP not sitting well with advisors

    Opponents of the Ontario Registered Pension Plan say that it’s just a blanket approach, and one advisor piled on, saying the plan will her hurt small to medium business owner-clients and could cost jobs and force hiring delays.

  • The quest for yield carries the day

    WP was lucky enough to be in the same room as Dr. Woody Brock last week when the famed economist spoke to a small group of invited guests about the investor’s valiant search for yield; it’s not going to be an easy one.

  • Advisors caught up in insider trading allegations

    Several advisors are now in hot water for acting on a tip from a securities lawyer -- a move that runs afoul of the OSC.

  • Advisors feel the sting of oil declines

    A Yale professor is outlining which advisors will be most hurt by falling oil prices.

  • Advisor's 'heretical' strategy proven right

    One advisor in Alberta who sold his clients’ stakes in energy is patting himself on the back, following a report from the Conference Board of Canada which said there will be no quick rebound for oil.

  • Advisor payrolls balloon

    In a sign of things to come, advisors are having to beef up their support staff numbers an effort to better manage customer relations, according to a new report. But who pays the tab?

  • Quebec independent advisors lead charge against CRM2

    New financial regulations are rarely introduced without some customary eye-rolling by industry associations. However, the reaction of Quebec’s leading association of independent advisors might be setting a new standard for industry backlash.

  • Advisor’s win at the casino is clients’ loss

    One advisor’s fraud case is a good news, bad news situation where her compulsion for risk has compromised her clients.

  • Sustainable investing no longer second rate

    Advisors are being forced to re-examine a long-held belief about an investment type, with new data pointing to just how successful it is.

  • What advisors can learn from Monica Lewinsky

    Monica Lewinsky may not be the most likely source of inspiration for business leaders but there are a few valuable things to be learned from the 41-year-old’s impressive TED talk.