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  • Economists get rebranding

    After the economic collapse of 2008, people of all stripes including advisors have become highly skeptical of the economist’s ability to predict anything remotely to do with the economic winds but one economist has some ideas to improve their image

  • Bank signs deal with NBA’s 76ers despite conflict

    It doesn’t happen often but one big bank in the U.S. has signed a marketing deal with the basketball team despite the fact they play in an arena sponsored by another bank

  • New ETF plays to a senior audience

    Advisors looking for secondary investments beyond the core look no further than this new fund that plays off one of the biggest problems facing seniors today

  • Snapchat about to go robo

    The popular instant photo and video sharing app is rumoured to be looking for ways to monetize its user base of millennials and digital investment advice could be a real possibility

  • Credit Union first to qualify GICs as SRI

    Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) are becoming the hot commodity in the financial sector, and one credit union has become the first to have all of its GICs meet the strict criteria

  • Asset manager makes big infrastructure acquisition

    One of Canada’s largest alternative investors strikes a deal in South America that sees it increase its already significant presence in the region

  • The bond offering clients are thirsting for

    It’s projected to be the biggest corporate debt offering ever and experts suggest it will be highly sought out by advisors

  • Reviewing your business plan

    Business coach and author Roland Hanekroot explains the importance of having a business plan

  • ETF fees: How low can they go?

    A major player in the Canadian ETF industry has thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to investors accessing the U.S. market putting active mutual funds on notice

  • TFSA becoming preferred retirement vehicle

    In the span of just six years the RRSP has gone from useful to useless when it comes to the average Canadian saving for retirement says tax expert