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  • US economy can handle higher rates

    The Fed's plan to gradually raise rates in the coming years won't derail the economy and brings some certainty to the market, according to experts

  • Cutting through the excuses

    Not every job a planning professional has to do is fun, but confronting your excuses could see your business flourish

  • SRI funds about to get a new addition

    Oil’s taking it on the chin at the moment trading at seven-year lows and that’s got advisors and clients thinking about divesting of their fossil fuel holdings for companies more environmentally responsible

  • A gimmick ETF that millennials are going to want to own

    Soon to hit the markets is a fund that is entirely focused on the 18-to-33 demographic providing advisors with a natural selling point for prospective millennial clients

  • Robo advisors proving difficult to regulate

    With more robo-advisors in Canada than mobile phone companies it’s going to be increasingly important for regulators to keep on top of this burgeoning field but that’s proving easier said than done

  • The one stock clients are dying to own

    Home-country bias is most definitely a problem in Canada given the state of the oil business and that’s got advisors looking globally for good stock ideas including a property developer from South Africa

  • ETF market primed for liftoff

    Global analytics expert suggests ETFs are expected to really take flight later this decade putting mutual funds on the outside looking in

  • A rookie advisor’s best way to mutual fund success

    An industry veteran has a failsafe approach for rookies when it comes to selecting winning funds and he even comes up with an actual recommendation

  • Strategy offers some gains in poor market

    With the Canadian market performing so poorly this year there may be on opportunity for advisors to take advantage of a little used strategy

  • Wealth management exec sees the future

    Although technology continues to greatly change the way advisors do business there are some things that will remain the same whether we’re talking about today or 25 years from now