Market talk

  • Daily Market Update

    European markets in the red after Italy downgrade, Asia boosted by US jobs data but concerned about China... Oil down $1 on revised Morgan Stanley forecast... US economy set for fast growth in 2015... US is bottom of the league for equal pay...

  • ​Job losses and weaker exports but the TSX could only go up

    Friday started better for the TSX after Thursday ended down 248.11 points; the largest drop in 18 months.

  • Ottawa agrees to Tim Hortons’ whopper deal

    The takeover of Tim Hortons by Burger King was rubber-stamped today by Ottawa’s Industry Minister but not without conditions.

  • ​Scotiabank profits drop 14 per cent, National Bank up 14 per cent

    Bank of Nova Scotia and National Bank of Canada both announced their results today.

  • Daily Market Update

    Anticipated US jobs data boosts Asia and Europe markets... Job growth is one thing, but where’s the growth in wages?... Uber picks up some wealthy passengers as investors put in $1.2 bn... Wake up and smell the (new home of) coffee...

  • ​TSX plummets as oil once again spooks the markets

    The TSX fell again today as rumours circulated that Saudi Arabia is preparing to slash oil prices in January in a bid to gain ground from the US shale oil industry.

  • ​More big banks announce results

    Following good results for RBC and not such good results for BMO, two more of Canada’s big banks reported their results today.

  • ​Dollarama sees profits soar

    Discount chain Dollarama has announced profit growth of 18.4 per cent to $73 million in the last quarter, up from $61.7 million in the same quarter last year.

  • ​Record highs for Enbridge with restructuring plans

    Enbridge shares increased to record levels today as the Calgary-based firm announced big changes to the structure of its finances and its dividend policy.

  • Daily Market Update

    Markets in positive territory; oil holding up... Wall St. ends on record highs... US jobs cut at GlaxoSmithKline... Putin accuses the west of “pure cynicism” over Ukraine... Google to launch products for kids... Ford to expand airbag recall nationwide...