Market talk

  • Bank of America Could Face More Than $12 Billion Costs

    The second largest bank in the US faces multiple government investigations into its alleged handling of residential mortgage bonds before the financial crisis.

  • US Dairy Farmers Boost from China

    We love our dairy products in the west, and it seems that the Far East has fallen in love with them too.

  • All Eyes On US Jobs

    The markets never focus on one story for long and although that unprecedented move by the European Central Bank yesterday helped boost European shares and gave most markets at least a small lift, we’ve moved on to the next benchmark.

  • UK Banks May Have £1 Billion Payment Protection Insurance Shortfall

    It was a scandal that has rocked the UK’s banking industry over the last few years; the mis-selling of payment protection insurance on credit cards and personal loans.

  • Germany Shows Improvement in Orders

    New data shows that German’s factories had an unexpected rise in orders in April, up 3.1% from March.

  • Bank of England Holds Rate

    The Bank of England has held its base interest rate at 0.5% and announced it will continue with its stimulus package, despite encouraging signs for the UK economy.

  • Finance Jobs Increase

    A survey by PWC Global, a professional services firm, shows that 56% of CEOs of financial service companies are planning on increasing their workforces in the next year.

  • Loonie Weakest in Group of 10

    The Canadian dollar is the currency performing the worst against the US dollar over the last 12 months among the ‘Group of 10’.

  • Telecoms Giants Join Forces

    There has been a lot of speculation over the years that T-Mobile and Sprint could get together to form a business to rival AT&T and Verizon.

  • It’s ‘ECB Day’ At Last

    Global markets have been dragging their heels over the last week or so, awaiting various pieces of key announcements or data, not least today’s European Central Bank meeting which is largely expected to give hope to Europe’s economy.