Market talk

  • Cyber Crime Costing $445 billion per Year

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies has published a report on the growing cost of cybercrime and the estimate is staggering.

  • World Markets Near Record High

    As trading began around the world, it was clear that recent news from Europe, the US, China and Japan was what markets had been looking for; generally encouraging news about the global economy.

  • UK Trade Deficit Widens

    Instability in the Eurozone is one of the factors that has led to a wider trade deficit in the UK.

  • …which should please the IMF

    David Lipton, second in command at the International Monetary Fund, says China should look to create long term financial stability rather than looking to gain the fastest growth.

  • China’s Economy Slows …

    The World Bank has predicted a slowdown in China’s growth this year to 7.6% with a further reduction next year.

  • Bank of America Could Face More Than $12 Billion Costs

    The second largest bank in the US faces multiple government investigations into its alleged handling of residential mortgage bonds before the financial crisis.

  • US Dairy Farmers Boost from China

    We love our dairy products in the west, and it seems that the Far East has fallen in love with them too.

  • All Eyes On US Jobs

    The markets never focus on one story for long and although that unprecedented move by the European Central Bank yesterday helped boost European shares and gave most markets at least a small lift, we’ve moved on to the next benchmark.

  • UK Banks May Have £1 Billion Payment Protection Insurance Shortfall

    It was a scandal that has rocked the UK’s banking industry over the last few years; the mis-selling of payment protection insurance on credit cards and personal loans.

  • Germany Shows Improvement in Orders

    New data shows that German’s factories had an unexpected rise in orders in April, up 3.1% from March.