Business strategy

  • Aim high and prosper: Build a business plan that works

    By combining bravery and ambition with a measurable and strategic approach to business planning you can make this year your most successful to date. Elixir Consulting managing director SUE VISKOVIC explains all.

  • Your best link to HNW clients

    Do you know how to use LinkedIn effectively to target high-net-worth clients? Well you should: 90% are participating in social media and the richest ones are on that platform.

  • Five ways to boost planning productivity

    Planning firms don’t need to look far to unlock large time, money and productivity savings.

  • Building a fee-based independent practice

    Having an independent practice is an aspiration for many advisors, and fee-based services have appeal for many investors. But combining the two with a fee-based independent practice isn't easy. Wealth Professional talks with Thomas Venner, an advisor building a fee-based practice in Southern Ontario.

  • Top 5 time management tips for financial advisors

    Feeling overworked? Need less overtime and more play time? These tips could work wonders for stressed financial planners.

  • What planners can learn from Star Trek

    Beam us up, Scotty: It's time to take a trip on the Starship Enterprise for a crash course on successful business management.

  • Work-life imbalance: how to reclaim your life

    Stressed? Overworked? It's all too easy to allow your work as a financial planner to take over your life. But new thinking could set you free. Natalie Ashdown explains all.

  • Opinion: Advisers don’t know their clients well enough

    According to financial adviser coach Tony Vidler, many advisers don’t understand the importance of using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database to understand their clients and boost the profitability of their practice. He explains the reasoning behind it:

  • The real importance of your personal brand

    Michael Neaylon, speaker, author and consultant specialising in sales, marketing and branding for service professionals, explains how a personal brand is about more than just you.

  • Social media 101 for advisers

    Not getting the traction you want from your online presence? Business consultant Michael Neaylon shares a few tips on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to amplify your personal brand,