Business strategy

  • Ten precious time-saving tips

    Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day but advisors are often under growing pressure to use theirs more efficiently. Here's 10 ways advisors can manage their time to add more value to clients

  • What can your client's body tell you?

    The ability to read body language can be invaluable to advisors, as it enables them to recognize and respond to clients’ negativity, fast.

  • Engaging clients: A 360 degree view

    By having a 360 degree view of your client and consolidating your data, you can achieve ‘always-on’ marketing and better client loyalty

  • The month to boost your business

    Take advantage of the quiet August period by evaluating the structure of your business and prospecting new clients – and stay ahead of competitors

  • Advisor's empathy most important, say widows

    Advisor-client relationships rarely survive the death of a client’s spouse, and sustaining a relationship may depend more on empathy than financial knowledge.

  • Digital death: Should you be giving up email?

    More and more professionals are closing their email accounts for good – is it time for planners to follow suit?

  • Mission impossible: 9 tips for dealing with demanding clients

    Sometimes your client wants the impossible: they want to pay you less; they want everything yesterday; they want to do a deal outside the ordinary… Here are some essential tips to help you out when your clients make impossible demands.

  • What your coffee says about you

    Choosing a Tim Horton’s “Double Double” may indicate you are an average Canadian. But if you prefer more intricately prepared brews this, allegedly, may reveal something deeper about your personality.

  • Digital generation still wants financial advice

    Being technologically savvy does not necessarily make a person financially savvy. And the generation who are most adept at using on-line tools to self-manage their finances may still want investment advice.

  • Master your time management

    Wishing you had more hours in the day? You can't change the amount of time you're given, but here's how you can change what you do with it.