Business strategy

  • New Canadians emerge as affluent but demanding market

    New and recent immigrants are the fastest growing segment of this country's affluent, presenting an opportunity for advisors. But those seeking to win them over, may need to up their game and find areas of specialization.

  • Business etiquette: 10 golden rules

    Have you ever been in a business situation and witnessed an event that was so cringe-worthy, it left you saying "really?"

  • Just do it like Nike

    A logo is probably the most visible – and versatile – branding tool there is. Senior vice president of myPay Solutions at Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting, Jack LaRue explains how you can make the most of yours:

  • Opinion: Bonuses reduce employee productivity. Huh?

    Do you hand out bonuses, or strive to earn one yourself? This sort of motivation could be hindering your planning firm’s success. Managing director and CEO of MarkTwo Consulting, Mark Oliver, explains why:

  • Advisor laments the cost of keeping up appearances

    Advisors want to project success, but are the accoutrements worth the investment? One advisor talks about restraining personal spending and what really impresses clients (hint: it's not an expensive car).

  • Aim high and prosper: Build a business plan that works

    By combining bravery and ambition with a measurable and strategic approach to business planning you can make this year your most successful to date. Elixir Consulting managing director SUE VISKOVIC explains all.

  • Your best link to HNW clients

    Do you know how to use LinkedIn effectively to target high-net-worth clients? Well you should: 90% are participating in social media and the richest ones are on that platform.

  • Five ways to boost planning productivity

    Planning firms don’t need to look far to unlock large time, money and productivity savings.

  • Building a fee-based independent practice

    Having an independent practice is an aspiration for many advisors, and fee-based services have appeal for many investors. But combining the two with a fee-based independent practice isn't easy. Wealth Professional talks with Thomas Venner, an advisor building a fee-based practice in Southern Ontario.

  • Top 5 time management tips for financial advisors

    Feeling overworked? Need less overtime and more play time? These tips could work wonders for stressed financial planners.