Business strategy

  • The real importance of your personal brand

    Michael Neaylon, speaker, author and consultant specialising in sales, marketing and branding for service professionals, explains how a personal brand is about more than just you.

  • Social media 101 for advisers

    Not getting the traction you want from your online presence? Business consultant Michael Neaylon shares a few tips on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to amplify your personal brand,

  • Three reasons why clients don’t want choice

    A common mistake that advisors make is to give clients too many choices or options, explains sales training website founder Frances Pratt.

  • Canadians ill prepared for disability, spousal death, divorce - BMO

    Simply helping clients prepare for retirement may not be enough, as a majority of Canadians feel that they are poorly prepared for significant adverse life events. A study by the BMO Wealth Institute found Canadians are not making plans potentially financially catastrophic events.

  • Trust: How to get it back after the Global Financial Crisis

    The reputation of financial services has been tarnished from the GFC and multiple scandals, so it’s more important than ever to distance yourself from past behaviours and negative perceptions of the industry

  • Canadians confident in investments, cautious in their strategies

    Canadian investors are more cautious and less confident than Americans, according to Franklin Templeton Global Investor Sentiment Survey. But while they are more optimistic, they are less likely to invest in equities or more volatile securities, the survey found.