Business strategy

  • Taking your personal brand from “Now” to “Wow”

    When you Google yourself, what’s the first thing that comes up? Is this image consistent with how you want to be portrayed? Nikki Heald, managing director of Corptraining, explains the importance of consistent, personal branding

  • Three-point shot

    Jessica Kemp left a professional sports career to join the financial services industry – only to find that the two worlds are surprisingly similar

  • Making diversification a winner for your business

    How can you go about planning a successful diversification strategy for your business? Graham Kenny reveals the secrets of successfully diversified organizations

  • Looking for new horizons

    Howard Atkinson, the “face of the Canadian ETF industry,” is looking for a new challenge after announcing his retirement

  • Thinking outside the square

    How can creativity be funnelled into innovative outcomes for business? Iain Hopkins asks where our childhood creativity goes and how we can bring it back

  • ETF volumes and liquidity

    The market maker: ensuring liquidity and fair pricing through arbitrage

  • 5 marketing do’s for your business

    Your old ways of reaching customers may not be working anymore. Kim Goldstone offers five ways to get through to today’s client

  • Infrastructure still a hot prospect

    Aging infrastructure and budget shortfalls equal prime opportunities for investors

  • What to ask when interviewing for your small business

    Sarah Derry helps you increase the chances of hiring the right people every time with her tips for small businesses

  • The great fee debate

    The retainer-fee model is gaining steam in the US because it allows advisors to provide conflict-free advice to clients – but that might not be enough to get them to change their stripes on this side of the border